Hives on face – Don’t fret

Julie Thomson : Site Contributor

hives on faceA few weeks ago, I had these red bumps all over my face. They were swollen and itchy. I didn’t pay much attention to it and I let it disappear on its own. Once, a friend came home and only then did I realize that they were hives. I had never even heard about it previously and was curious to know more. I read up about hives to know about it in detail.

Hives, as they are called, are also known as Urticaria. They are usually caused due to an allergy to some food substance. Their general symptoms include itching, burning or even stinging. That is when I was sure that I had hives because they burned a lot. They are more likely to appear on the legs, the back or the hands. Hives on face are uncommon. However, they are more prominent since it is difficult to conceal them.

Another thing about having hives on face is that their size varies. Mine were the size of mosquito bites. However, they can be bigger depending on the individual. Most of the times, they are small, but later came together to form multiple groups. The amount of time for which they stay varies from a few hours to a few days. Majority of people develop hives on face due to some food allergy, though it is not the only cause.

Other reasons for developing hives on face is allergy to certain medications, insect bites, emotional stress, viral infections, sun exposure and so on. Sometimes, hives might appear in a particular area of the body and then reappear on another part. The appearance of hives on face should not be taken lightly and should be treated immediately. I waited for my facial hives to disappear on their own. However, they continued to stay.

If you experience severe itching and burning, a doctor should be consulted. Once the cause is diagnosed, you can prevent the recurrence of hives by taking the necessary precautions. My facial hives had begun to itch. That is when my friend suggested that I try out Oxyhives. I didn’t mind using it since the ingredients used in it are all-natural. The great thing about it was that I felt instant relief after applying it. There was no worry about side-effects, unlike certain creams or pills.

Hives on face

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